Transform The Way Your Space Feels With a New Way to Do Lighting

Edwardo Rosso
Founder, Head Designer
Lighting By Design

Are you a Homeowner, Business Owner, or Project Manager that needs lighting?

If so, I have something for you. 

Whether you're;

  • remodeling or constructing a home
  • redesigning your business
  • or trying to stick to budgets and meet deadlines

Lighting can quickly become a drawn out, daunting, and costly part of a project. 

I am going to offer to you a way that you can get beautiful lighting for your space without having to take the time to shop around online or in retail stores and worry about hiring a team of people to install it properly. 

You will be able to get expert lighting knowledge, impressive attention to detail, and be left with a project that makes your guests(and you) say “Wow”

Chateau Grande Hotel Bar, East Brunswick, NJ

Why does lighting usually become overwhelming?

Because most of the time it is not properly integrated with the rest of the project. 

The truth is, lighting cannot be separated from the core components of any structure. Things like concrete and steel are just as important as lighting.

Lighting fundamentally transforms the way that your space feels. Plus, it ensures that your space performs how it’s supposed to.

Lighting is a Blend of Function and Feeling

Priority 1: Function

You don’t want inconvenient shadows that prevent you from seeing what’s in front of you or uncomfortable glare that distracts you. Or dark parking lots, driveways, or walkways. Which are frustrating at best, and at worst, cause accidents.

All of your spaces should be lit so they are completely usable and safe.
Marriot Entryway, Saddle Brook, NJ
Chateau Grande Ballroom, East Brunswick, NJ

Priority 2: Feelings

The lighting in your space should evoke feelings of comfort, relaxation, focus, or excitement, depending on the intended usage.

You want a comfortable and inviting space to relax and make your guests feel welcome.

Workspaces that allow you to focus. 

And spaces that make people say “WOW” when you want to entertain.

The Easiest Way to Perfectly Light a Space

After 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, opening my first lighting showroom in 1983 and switching to dedicated design in 2008, I created a lighting process that’s smooth and easy, leaving my clients with fantastic results

The switch from retail to design was an overwhelming transition.

Jobs started to pile up, and the company started to fall behind. 

I needed a one-size-fits-all solution that would allow me to create the same transformational, beautiful, and comfortable effects in all of my projects. 

Homes, Catering Halls, Churches, Hotels, Shopping Centers, Estates, and more. 

I was successful, and I can proudly say that we are the only lighting company in New Jersey that does what we do.
"We are so happy with our new lighting! Edwardo is fun to work with and is extremely knowledgeable. We had full trust in him and Lauren to pick the right designs for our home."
Jon K
Hillsborough, NJ
"Lighting by Design is not only a expert on lighting but also a designer...We are extremely happy with their services and care. We strongly recommend Lighting by Designer to anybody who are looking for quality work. I am sure you will get the result which exceeds your expectation."
Youngho C
Saddle River, NJ
"Edwardo was professional with great lighting ideas and design. Incredibly happy with the end result and would highly recommend using. They did everything from design, removal, installation and painting and repair. Wonderful company."
Kaitlin H
Jersey City, NJ

Our Design Process

We follow the same process with all of our clients. Depending on your needs, how far along you are in your project, and the scope of your project, we adjust the process accordingly. 
Meet at your home, business, or project site to gain an understanding of the needs and intentions behind the project, and begin to take the worry and stress off of your shoulders.
Go back to the drawing board and create a design layout that specifies the exact number and type of fixtures needed for the space. Figuring out the exact lumens, color temperature, electrical requirements, and planning the required materials and labor to complete the project.
Choose, purchase, and deliver all of the necessary lighting. As well as all of the materials needed for the creation of the design(building/electrical materials, etc.)
Bring in our team, use your preferred contractors, or work with your existing team, to execute the project. Supervising, advising, and overseeing the installation to ensure that it's completed correctly and every aspect of the design winds up looking fantastic.

Call or Text to Schedule a Design Consultation
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  • "Eduardo is the best and such a pleasure to work with. He is very passionate about his work and has great looks fabulous- we absolutely love it! If you ever need lighting done, I absolutely recommend Eduardo and his team."
    Stacey H
    Budd Lake, NJ
  • "They showed up when promised and did a perfect job"
    Sanford B
    Somerset, NJ


1. Lighting By Design is a local, family-owned business, so we are currently only able to accept a limited number of additional projects.

2. We work with individuals who would like our design team to use their expertise and knowledge to create stunning effects that set them apart from their peers. If that’s you, I highly encourage you to give me a call so we can discuss your project.