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What We Offer: Our 4-Phase Lighting Design Model

Step 1. Free Consultation

In the first step of our process, we focus on understanding your needs and assessing the technical aspects of the project. Our designer will visit your location to evaluate dimensions (height, width, etc.), intended use, dark areas, inconvenient shadows, electrical layout, wall and floor colors, preferred style, and your desired project outcome. This evaluation is essential for creating a tailored design. Whether it's indoor or outdoor, residential or commercial, for entertainment or business, each space requires a unique lighting solution. And the best part? This evaluation is always provided at no cost.

Step 2. Custom Design Concept

In this phase, we craft an impactful lighting design that perfectly aligns with the needs of your space. Effective lighting is a blend of two key elements: functionality and the ability to evoke a mood that complements the space. Whether it's excitement, comfort, elegance, or any other desired ambiance, we understand that sometimes the emotional atmosphere matters as much as the illumination itself. Our focus is on delivering an effect that not only illuminates but also resonates with the unique character of your space.

Step 3. The Right Style

Utilizing a broad spectrum of manufacturers and suppliers, we carefully select the components that are essential to your project. From products and electrical materials to transformers, dimmers, fixtures, and even automation systems, we leave no detail unattended. We specify the right lumens, color temperature, energy efficiency, foot candle, longevity, lux, and adaptability based on the needs of the project). Our commitment is to provide you with specific models and seamlessly integrate advanced automation features into the specifications, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored solution for your unique needs.

Step 4. Full Installation

We shoulder the responsibility of sourcing specified materials and components, bringing everything needed to the project. Whether through our in-house team or existing contractors like electricians, carpenters, and plumbers, we ensure a smooth process. We also work with clients preferred electricians, carpenters, architects, builders, engineers, etc. Our focus is on practical coordination – we describe and explain the design nuances, while crucially overseeing the installation phase. Our supervision ensures that every detail adheres to the design plan, guiding the project from start to finish with precision and efficiency.

Creating Emotionally Engaging Environments

Spectacular Lighting

Transformative Illumination: Say goodbye to dull spaces. Our designs infuse your space with beautiful lighting.

Excitement and Emotions

Emotionally Charged Environments: Our lighting solutions breathe life into rooms, creating emotionally charged environments that spark excitement and elevate your surroundings.

Comfort and Coziness

Inviting Comfort: Say goodbye to harsh lighting. Surround yourself with a cozy ambiance that nurtures comfort and shapes an environment you'll find inviting.

Captivating Atmospheres

Enchanting Atmospheres: Unleash the potential of your space. Our lighting designs artfully address common lighting issues, creating captivating effects that transform any space.

Featured Projects

Meadowlands Plaza Hotel, 40 Wood Ave, Secaucus, NJ

Exterior Lighting and Signage

St. Leons Armenian Church, 12-61 Saddle River Rd, Fair Lawn, NJ

Ballroom in St. Leons Armenian Church. Featuring indirect cove lighting and recess lighting. 

Floating Ceiling, 1425 Hudson St, Residential Apartments, Hoboken, NJ

Floating ceiling effect in Hoboken Apartment Building

Project FLX, 285 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell, NJ

Linear lighting effect in Project FLX gym

Mariott, 138 New Pehle Ave, Saddle Brook, NJ

Outdoor lighting for entry walkway at Mariott in Saddle Brook

Park Chateau Estate and Gardens, 678 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick, NJ

Facade lighting and interior lighting for Park Chateau Estate and Gardens

Lobby, Residential Apartments, Union City, NJ - Malas Development

Cove for Residential Apartment Lobby constructed by Malas Development

Commend Co. Offices, 63 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ

Lighting for presidential office suite at Commend Co. Mahwah NJ

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Commercial Office Building, 165 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ

Commercial Office elevator lobby lighting 

Regus Rental Offices, 165 Passaic Ave, Fairfield, NJ

Regus rental office lighting at entrance

St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church, Livingston, NJ 07039

Entrance and ballroom lighting

Bansi Offices

Office spaces designed for Bansi co. Healing Hands

Home Facade & Pool Landscape Lighting, Cresskill Borough, NJ

Landscape lighting for Cresskill Borough Estate

The Chateau Grande Hotel, 670 Cranbury Rd, East Brunswick

Interior and Exterior Lighting for The Chateau Grande Hotel 

In Progress: 300 Apartment Complex, Fort Lee, NJ

We are currently designing the lighting for this 300 apartment building in fort lee. 

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"..An exceptional designer...We strongly recommend Lighting by Design to anybody who is looking for quality work.
Youngho C. Saddle River, NJ
"...Professional with great lighting ideas and design. Incredibly happy with the end result...Wonderful company."
Kaitlin H. Jersey City, NJ
"...It changed the way the whole house felt...his attention to detail is impeccable and the crew is top notch."
Robert V. Montclair, NJ
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Lighting Beyond Vision: Our Unique Philosophy

At Lighting By Design, we understand that lighting extends beyond mere functionality. Lighting is the orchestrator of ambiance; setting the stage for emotions, comfort, and unique experiences within a space.

Lighting is more than just the ability to see; it’s about invoking emotions, shaping moods, and creating an atmosphere that resonates with you. It’s the transformative element that can elevate a room from ordinary to extraordinary. We eliminate the frustrations that improper lighting brings—whether it’s the discomfort of inadequate illumination or the glare  and shadows disrupting a peaceful setting.

Our philosophy centers on crafting solutions that transcend the ordinary. We design lighting experiences that cater not only to sight but also to emotions. Lighting that not only illuminates, but enhances and harmonizes.

Welcome to a new vision of lighting where seeing is feeling, and feeling is everything.


A: The duration of our design projects varies, contingent on factors such as the scale—whether it’s a single room, an entire home, or a building. At the commencement of our agreement, we will provide an estimated timeframe. However, it’s important to note that unforeseen complications may arise as projects unfold. Every project is unique, and we refrain from providing strict deadlines to avoid any potential misinterpretation. Our commitment is to complete each project as efficiently as possible, considering its individual complexities and requirements. The timeline may be influenced by factors such as project scope, production, and/or delivery timelines from the factory, and the intricacy of the design effects involved. Our goal is to deliver a high-quality design within a reasonable timeframe while adapting to the unique challenges of each project.

A: Our pricing model is designed as an all-inclusive package, structured around a 4-step approach: Evaluation (complimentary), Design, Specification, and Supervision. The contract thoughtfully details our involvement, potential contractor expenses, and unforeseen challenges. Transparency is key, and any adjustments to the original agreement will be promptly communicated to ensure a clear and collaborative process.

Lighting By Design 1-Year Warranty

For 1 year after installation we will fix or replace any element of our design project that ceases to function. In the event that an item is no longer being produced, we will replace it with an equivalent item that will preserve the functionality of the lighting and effect of the design.

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